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Ingénieur Généraliste "Ingénieur Civil des Mines" - ICM

Course Details

Objectives : Mines Nancy trains engineers capable of innovating and driving change. But it also prepares them to become responsible and humanist leaders. To serve this ambition, the School provides training with high added value which is based on a solid scientific culture and reserves a special place for open-minded courses: humanities, economics and management, humanities, foreign languages ??and cultures ...
Because the talents of engineering students are multiple and their development intentions, particularly professional, can be very different, the School leaves it to the student to build a tailor-made course. especially in the second and third year. Developing a pedagogy through action which promotes autonomy, risk-taking and the exercise of responsibility very early on, it also invites them, throughout their studies, to sharpen their creativity and their ability to adaptation.

In 2nd year: choice from 13 courses:
– Fluids
– Processes and Environment
- Energetic transition
Computer science
– Robotics
– Cybersecurity
Geosciences and civil engineering
– Civil Engineering
– Mining Engineering
Industrial Engineering and Applied Mathematics
– Mathematical engineering
– Engineering of decision and production systems
Materials Science and Engineering
– Innovative alloy design
– Biomaterials Engineering
– Materials, devices and Energy

Public concerned : Students

Degree Level (EU) : 7 - (EQC level or equivalent)

Admission requirements : The vast majority of first years are recruited via the Concours Commun Mines-Ponts.
The main sectors of origin:
Mathematics and Physics (MP)
Physics and Chemistry (PC)
Physics and Engineering Sciences (PSI)

Duration and terms : 3 years

Dedicated web site :