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Space related training

Training Courses

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  1. Engineering
    1. Space environment and space mechanics
      1. Physical characteristics of the space environment
      2. Launcher and space vehicle dynamics, launch and re-entry trajectories, guidance, piloting, manoeuvres
      3. Management of space traffic,space debris
      4. Operations, integration tests, environmental tests, launch, positioning and station-keeping phase,operational phase
      5. Satellite constellation
    2. Architecture and technologies of embedded systems
      1. Mechanical architecture, materials and structures of space vehicles, structural dynamics of spacecraft and launcher
      2. Electrical architecture and power management
      3. Electronic and computing architecture
      4. In-space propagation, telemetry, commands
      5. Space propulsion
      6. Thermal architecture of spacecrafts
      7. Orientation control and in-space docking
      8. Optical/video architecture
    3. Launchers, space transportation systems, Launch bases, safety and security
      1. Engineering, design and specific developments
      2. Integration and tests
      3. Launch base ( control center, launch complex, related logistics, measures facilities)
      4. Safety, security
    4. Satellites, Space probes, balloons
      1. Engineering, specific designs and developments
      2. Payload technologies, scientific instrumentation
      3. Ground segments, data bases, acquisitions, transmissions, processings
    5. Human flights and space stations
      1. Engineering, design and development specific to human flights
      2. Space stations
      3. Space crew training, space medicine
    6. Project management specific to space systems, associated product ans quality assurance
  2. Applications
    1. Earth observation
      1. Remote sensing and imagery
      2. Surveillance, prevention of risk, regional planning
      3. Cartography and geographical data systems
      4. Meteorology, oceanography and climatic environment
      5. Geophysics
    2. Radiocommunications, guidance and location by satellite
      1. Space radio communications, telephony, direct digital broadcasting and/or television by satellite, high-speed bidirectional communications and digital divide, telemedicine, remote training
      2. Communication, navigation, telemonitoring for military and civil aviation
      3. Location, data collection, safety, security, transportation
    3. Exploration of Space
      1. Understanding the Universe
      2. Extraterrestrial life and intelligence
    4. Embedded scientific experiments
      1. Life and medical science
      2. Physics and Technology
    5. Space and society
      1. Education, training and remote aid to training
      2. Space politics
      3. Space law
      4. Space economics
      5. Space and defence
      6. Space: history and future
      7. Repercussions of space exploration
    6. Combination of several applications