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Mastère Spécialisé - Systèmes d'informations localisées pour l'aménagement des territoires (SILAT)

Course Details

Objectives : The SILAT program (Localized Information Systems for Spatial Planning) is a professional training of "Geomatics Project Manager" intended to meet the needs of companies while ensuring personalized attention to the professional project of each learner.
This SPECIALIZED MASTER of the Conférence des grandes écoles is a post-engineer specialization particularly suited to the needs of professionals in regional planning for the integration of geomatics, GIS and remote sensing solutions in their business context (agriculture, environment, ecology, territories, risks, housing-housing, transport-displacement, etc ...)
Lasting one year and accessible alternately in the form of a professionalization or apprenticeship contract, the SILAT SPECIALIST MASTER is intended for engineers / executives in activity or retraining, as well as for students pursuing studies , to complement their previous thematic background, generally in the field of regional planning but also computing.

Public concerned : - Students, young graduates (Engineers and Masters) in pursuit of studies
- Professionals in activity or in retraining
- Jobseekers

Degree Level (EU) : 7 - (EQC level or equivalent)

Admission requirements : Bac + 5 diploma (engineer, Master, RNCP title) or Bac + 4 with 3 years of professional professional activity:
in a thematic of regional planning (environment, biodiversity, risks, agriculture, housing, development, transport-travel, economy, social, ...) or digital
in a thematic of spatial planning or digital

Acquired skills during the training : The incumbent is able to:
- to assess and manage a Geographic Information System (GIS) business
- to integrate geomatic methods and techniques in the professions of regional planning
- to manage projects and / or a GIS / geomatics service

Duration and terms : 13 to 18 months in work-study or 13 months for non-work-study students including 6 months of internship

Notes : Accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Écoles and registered with the RNCP therefore eligible for financing of professional training (Pôle-Emploi, CPF, Professional Transition, ...)

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