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AgroParisTech is a French public institute with a rich history that spans over 180 years. Its forward-looking approach is aimed at addressing the main global challenges of the 21st century:

Feeding the population in a sustainable way
Protecting natural resources
Fostering innovation
Developing the bioeconomy

While doing so, it addresses the following fields: agricultural sciences and technologies, forestry, life sciences, food technology, biotechnologies, environment, nutrition, health, land and natural resources management, as well as related public policies.

AgroParisTech main features:

Internationally renowned for the high quality of its training programmes & research activities
research-based training
Focus on innovation & entrepreneurship
Two key missions :

To offer high quality training to students and professionals in the different curricula delivered by AgroParisTech
To advance scientific knowledge, in close association with public and private research centers, main relevant technical-vocational centers and industrial partners

Training course(s) proposed