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Catalogue des formations spatiales


Webinars - Operational Services for the Energy Sector

Détails de la formation

Objectifs : Providing data, tools and information that can help the private and public sectors deal with climate-related decision-making and planning.

Working across sectors,Copernicus has developed user-driven applications that make climate data accessible and relevant to their needs. A range of organisations already use these data to make informed decisions.

Webinars Support: SLIDES

Webinar 1 - Using the CDS to obtain and prepare climate data for climate and energy indicators (18-04-19)

Webinar 2 - Energy Models (22-05-19)
Webinar introduction
Electricity demand
Wind & Hydropower Generation
Solar power generation calculations for the European Domain

Webinar 3 - Seasonal forecasts

Webinar 4 - Climate Projections
Climate and energy indicators - projections
Climate Projections for the Energy Sector

Webinar 5 - Case Studies (13-11-19)
Aims and motivation
Overview and next steps

Webinar 6 - Energy Indicators (07-05-20)
Validation of the C3S energy historical capacity factors
Seasonal Forecasts

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