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Webinar EO4GEO- Skills development in Earth Observation and Copernicus User Uptake: Tools for EO4GEO regional roll-out

Détails de la formation

Objectifs : This webinar has the overall objective to promote the EO4GEO sector skills alliance and its tools towards the Member regions and universities but also to get their views on the initiative. The webinar will:
Raise awareness on the EO4GEO initiative: Introduction of EO4GEO Sector Skills Alliance to the regional ecosystem;
Promotion of the EO4GEO tools to NEREUS Member regions and universities;
Gather input and feedback from the regional/university community on the adequacy of the tools;
Enhance interregional collaboration;
Improves connections within the EO4GEO community.

EO4GEO webinar is part of the NEREUS web-sessions series on EU-, ESA- and interregional projects the association is currently involved in.

The purpose of these webinars is to inform of the activities of the network, present how members can get engaged, and benefit from these activities and give an outlook on the next steps. Further to this, we want to showcase the important role of regions in projects at a European scale and strengthen interregional collaboration by sharing experience and expertise.

Public concerné : NEREUS-members (regions) interested in education/training, NEREUS-regions who hosted the EO4GEO workshops in the past or who are interested to host a regional WS, all NEREUS-members interested in the development of the future workforce and the current/future needs of the Earth Observation/Geospatial sectors

Durée et modalités : Tuesday 20th October 2020 at 14.00-15.30

Commentaires : Registration is free and obligatory (see the link). You need to be registered to get the information to access the video-conference. As places are limited, priority and preference are given to NEREUS Members. Registrations by third parties might be admitted in exceptional cases. In this case, participants will be notified in due time if their participation in the event has been accepted.

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