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MOOC Echoes in space - Introduction to Radar Remote Sensing

Détails de la formation

Objectifs : This is the 2019 re-run of the Echoes in Space MOOC on Radar Remote Sensing.

Echoes from space will take you on a journey through the exciting world of Radar Remote Sensing. Learn the basics that will help you to understand where this technology is coming from, how the images are acquired and which manifold applications already use Radar Remote Sensing to help protect our planet.

You will get a detailed insight into the history of Radar technology. You will learn all the basics that are needed to understand how electromagnetic waves work. You will get an insight in the fascinating technology that is Radar Remote Sensing from space. Furthermore, you will get a unique hands-on experience to work with Radar data in diverse application scenarios.

Compétences acquises durant la formation : History of Radar technology and the discovery of electromagnetic waves
Image acquisition Geometry of airborne and space borne Radar systems
Land applications of Radar remote sensing
Applications of radar remote sensing over Water
Application of Radar remote sensing for Hazard management

Durée et modalités : 5 semaines consécutives

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