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Ingénieur UTT Réseaux et télécommunications

Course Details

Objectives : The Networks and Telecommunications Engineer designs, deploys and manages network and telecommunications infrastructures and services. He masters scientific, technological and organizational aspects to ensure the security of systems and communications, organize company networks or deploy innovative applications for connected objects using artificial intelligence.

3 sectors focused on new technologies:
- Convergence service networks (CSR): design, implement and supervise networks and services of companies and operators as well as data-center architectures.
- Mobile technologies and connected objects (TMOC): create new applications using mobile terminals and intelligent network objects.
- Systems and Communications Security (SSC): Ensuring the security of computer systems and transactions across the Internet and digital content.

Public concerned : Students

Degree Level (EU) : 7 - (EQC level or equivalent)

Admission requirements : Entry level: Bac / Bac + 2
To apply in branches (Bac+2 and more): Online procedure at

Acquired skills during the training : Network architecture;
management and implementation of security tools;
mastery of new uses of the Internet and new IP architectures.

Targeted careers : Network architect;
telecommunications services architect;
responsible for the security of information systems;
security audit;
network administrator;
cloud architect;
mobile applications architect ...

Duration and terms : 5 years

Dedicated web site :