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Formation Météorologie satellitaire pour les prévisionnistes

Course Details

Objectives : Satellite meteorology is an essential element of remote sensing and weather forecasting, particularly at short range. Accelerated developments have taken place recently, including a marked increase in the range and quality of products available in weather forecasting.

At the end of the training, trainees will be able to:
• Provide information on the general organization of satellite products used in meteorological forecasting at Météo-France
• To know the fundamental principles of satellite measurement
• Use the satellite products available at Météo-France for general forecasting, or applied to a specific field (aeronautics, marine, nowcasting, etc.)

Public concerned : Meteorologists from national or regional meteorological services wishing to learn about the use of satellite data and products at Météo-France.

10 places for day students / 24 places in all.

Prerequisites : • Have undergone initial training as meteorological or meteorological technicians, or equivalent.
• Know the main concepts of weather forecasting.

Duration and terms : 27h (4,5 days)

Partnerships with national organisations : Laboratoire de Météorologie dynamique (LMD)

International partnerships : EUMETSAT

Dedicated web site :