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Space Education Catalogue


Stage - Météorologie satellitaire pour les prévisionnistes - et autres formations continues

Course Details

Objectives : To provide trainees with knowledge of the general organisation of satellite meteorology, measurement methods, product development and dissemination.

Public concerned : - Experts from areas using products from satellite observation (modelling, climatology, oceanography...),
- Teachers in these fields,
- Designers of tools dedicated to satellite data acquisition and processing.

Prerequisites : Good knowledge of general meteorology and numerical modelling.
Knowledge of the basic principles of orbitography.
Basic knowledge of on-board sensors on meteorological satellites and analysis of the data obtained from these sensors.

Notes : See on the web site all the trainings of ENM, for forecasters:
Climatology, foundation of climatological Services
Concepts and methods for weather forecasting
Prediction of deep convection
Prediction of winter phenomena
Remote sensing elements from space
Aviation Meteorology
Marine Meteorology
Satellite meteorology for forecasters
Tropical meteorology
The Radar transmitter
The Radar receiver
Beaver processing and Radar control system
Techniques and organization of the forecast to MF
Weather forecasting in mid-latitude regions
Prediction of deep convection
Prediction of winter phenomena
and trainings open to all persons:
Cicclade Distance Training
Climate change
Modular meteorology

Partnerships with national organisations : Laboratoire de Météorologie dynamique (LMD)

International partnerships : EUMETSAT

Dedicated web site :