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Ingénieur Systèmes numériques - Instrumentation

Course Details

Objectives : A multidisciplinary scientific and technical training in many industries: electrical and electronic equipment, automation, automotive, aerospace, robotics, home automation, computer ...

Public concerned : Students

Degree Level (EU) : 7 - (EQC level or equivalent)

Admission requirements : Bac S for entry into the preparatory cycle
For engineering cycle (3 years): Common Polytech contest

Acquired skills during the training : Design and manufacture intelligent devices and systems (home automation, service robotics, etc.)
Mastering physical measurements, acquisition, transport and processing of signals and images
Design, size, build and operate embedded electronic and computer systems
Design and implement reliable, sustainable and scalable computer programs
Design, manage and optimize automated industrial systems from both a production and environmental quality perspective

Targeted careers : Information Technology
Production, technical services
Instrumentation, electronics
Industrial Informatics
Software Development
Projects, Business
Studies, research and development
Marketing, Commercial

Duration and terms : 5 or 3 Years depending on entry cycle

Dedicated web site :