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Master Recherche de Physique Fondamentale et Applications, parcours Noyaux, Plasma, Univers (NPU)

Course Details

Objectives : The teachings of astrophysics are mainly present in the Master's research of "fundamental physics and Applications" of the University of Bordeaux, course "nuclei, Plasma, Universe" (NPU).

In Master 1 (M1), it is an optional course of 3 ECTS (~ 20h – Spring Semester) entitled "Physical Cosmology and Stellar Evolution" (Contact: J. Braine).

In Master 2 (M2), this is a set of 4 courses forming a compulsory EU of 6 ECTS (~ 40h – Autumn Semester) in "formation and evolution of planetary systems" (stellar formation, planetary formation, fluids and instability, high energies), and Supplemented by a teaching called "specialty" (6 ECTS; Contact: E. Di Folco) comprising:

A phenomenological course around dense environments and laboratory astrophysics (autumn semester)
3 courses dedicated to teaching multi-wavelength observation techniques (spring semester)

An internship is to be carried out on each of the two years, 2 months in M1, 3 months in M2.

The courses take place on the university campus of Talence-PESSAC, in the premises of the LAB and the CENBG (groupe Astroparticules)

Public concerned : Students

Degree Level (EU) : 7 - (EQC level or equivalent)

Admission requirements : Folder and interview

Duration and terms : 4 semesters

Notes : The course is backed by 3 major laboratories on the Bordeaux campus (CELIA, LP2IB, LAB)

Dedicated web site :