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Master Sciences, Technologies et Santé, mention Ingénierie des Systèmes Complexes, parcours Optimisation et Sûreté des Systèmes

Course Details

Objectives : The objective of the Optimization and Safety of Systems course is to present the main models and methods for the performance evaluation and optimization of industrial systems in terms of operation, lifespan, reliability, etc. in broad outline around the following issues:

Design, organization and management of production systems (combinatorial problems for scheduling and placement, management of stocks and production flows)
Logistics (optimization of transport and distribution, management of the logistics chain)
Dependability of complex systems (evaluation and optimization of system reliability, control of industrial risks)
Monitoring and diagnosis of systems (monitoring of the state of a system, detection, location and diagnosis of faults, prognosis).

Public concerned : Students (initial training) or employees (vocational education)

Degree Level (EU) : 7 - (EQC level or equivalent)

Admission requirements : It is possible to register either in the 1st year or in the 2nd year:

Entry into 1st year - Master 1: License (180 ECTS) in a field compatible with that of the national Master's degree, or equivalent foreign degree. Recommended licenses: Engineering sciences, Mathematics, Computer science.
Entry into 2nd year - Master 2: Master 1 (240 ECTS) or equivalent French or foreign diploma.
In the case of students who do not come from a European country, the jury will have to decide on admission to the first or second year by evaluating the achievements of each student, in view of the documents provided.

Prerequisites : Applied Mathematics
Operational research and optimization
Applied probabilities and statistics

Duration and terms : 1 or 2 yearss depending on the year of acces

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