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Mastère Spécialisé® Aerospace Project Management (APM)

Course Details

Objectives : Aeronautical, Space and Defense business is, by nature, complex, innovative with high added value. Placed at the hearth of political, economic, environmental and technological issues, in France, in Europe and worldwide, it requires a prospective vision from decision makers. It is based on specific industrial processes, characterized by long, costly and risky cycles (R & D, production, maintenance & support).
Aerospace programs, either in civil or defence, are facing challenging concerns: competitiveness and high technologies development, global supply chain approaches, Government budget reduction, and internationalisation of resources. The development and industrialisation of new programs involves the collaboration of companies from many countries and cultures, several thousands engineers work in all regions around the world through IT platform and tools.
In this context, project management in aerospace environment requires mastering a wide scope of knowledge, know-how and expertise adapted to the specific needs and issues of this challenging worldwide business.

To answer to these concerns, ISAE, l'Ecole de l'Air et de l'Espace and ENAC gather their expertises to develop the Aerospace Project Management (APM) Specialized Master®.

The professionally-oriented APM Specialized Master® provides students an overview on military or civil international Aerospace industry and gives up-to-date skills, cutting-edge knowledge, and necessary competences for successfully leading Project or Program teams in global aerospace and defence industry.

With an emphasis on operations, the program is intended to those beginning their career in management of projects or to professionals aiming at enhancing their competences for a fast career evolution. The program of the SM APM is taught, by experts or lecturers with extensive aerospace project experience, with a combination of formal presentations, in-class exercises, or study cases. The objectives of this practical approach are to provide students with current techniques and tools in project management taking into account industrials, economical or legal specificities of the Aerospace business.

This Master also aims to respond to an international application in terms of skills in the field of control of projects such as aeronautics or space and to participate in France's influence in helping to confirm its high level of expertise.

In fact, these issues lead to performance requirements requiring companies, institutions and other entities concerned to have competent staff able to:

- Take into account any changes in strategy or direction of the project in on time and budget constrained (strategic alignment);
- Able to reconfigure activities and teams while minimizing impacts on processes and structures of the project (flexibility);
- Understand the management and control activities (decision);
- Anticipate and reduce the risk of failure (risk management);
- Ensure continued quality service to customers or users (quality);
- Streamline and optimize use of assets and resources (performance);
- Federate actors by obtaining their support for the project (communication).

Based on a dual institutional culture (civil and military) and industrial (aerospace), the Masters' project management in aviation and space "meets expectations of strong players in the sector. This need is also felt in the government who are both users of aerospace technologies and stakeholders in their development (eg, definition of technical specifications, funding, testing and updates, maintenance).

Activities and trades concerned: Activities related to the trades concerned are mainly centered around the management, since the definition of a strategy to its declination form of research, technology, innovation, development and operation. This implies first analyze and understand the markets, their evolution, the positioning of its various stakeholders and propose projects consistent with this environment and enable the company to develop sustainably. Second, these activities involve the establishment of an appropriate organization including partnership building, structuring processes, building teams with the skills and ad hoc research funding to enable these projects . Finally, they require to manage the conduct of each of these projects within cost, time and objectives while effectively managing risk.
All the activities mentioned above will be applied in the aeronautical and space sectors, civil and military.

Public concerned : Students or working people

Degree Level (EU) : 7 - (EQC level or equivalent)

Admission requirements : Master 2 diploma or engineering degree bac +5 (or equivalent diploma) or Master 1 diploma (or equivalent) with at least 3 years of professional experience

Targeted careers : APM Specialized Master® leads students to integrate or to become Head of Aerospace program team. To conceive and pilot complex projects with permanent care of costs and risks control.

Duration and terms : One-year diploma course with 6 months of face-to-face courses (from the end of September to the end of March approximately) followed by a professional thesis in a company, from 4 to 6 months approximately.

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