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Space Education Catalogue


LP Parcours Moteurs Aéronautiques et Spatiaux (ex Propulsions Aéronautique & Spatiale) (LPMAS)

Course Details

Objectives : Professional Degree (Bac +3) - mention Industry Trades: Aeronautical Industry

The aim of to train in one year senior technicians specialized in the dimensioning, maintenance and manufacture of aeronautical and space thrusters, based on academic training at the IUT and a long period in a professional environment.

Public concerned : Students, employees, job seekers

Degree Level (EU) : 6 - (EQC level or equivalent)

Admission requirements : On application and interview

Prerequisites : BTS Aeronautics, MCI, ... or BUT in aeronautics, mechanical design, Thermal or Energy, Physical Measurements
Scientific license L2 validated, CPGE.

Targeted careers : Graduates of the MAS professional license (ex PAS) are called upon to occupy positions of senior technicians in aeronautics, space or automobile engines.
The strong involvement of companies in teaching (more than 50% of teaching) and the experience acquired through a year of work-study or a long internship during training aims to facilitate professional integration.

Partner companies (through their participation in lessons or by hosting apprentices and trainees): SAFRAN Aircraft Engines, THALES, ARIANE GROUP, ONERA, Air France Industries, DGA, Airbus, PSA, Renault, CNES, Dassault Falcon Service,….

Duration and terms : 1 year (560h of lessons) and 16 weeks of internship or 34 weeks in business for apprentices.

Partnerships with national organisations : CFA Union

Dedicated web site :