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Ingénieur Arts et Métiers

Course Details

Objectives : Generalist engineer, the engineer Arts and Métiers is designed specifically to design products and production systems.
The course covers 3 areas:
• Mechanics, Materials, Processes
• Fluids and Energetic Systems
• Design, Industrialization, Risk and Decision
Engineer Arts et Métiers practices in all areas of industry, especially that of aeronautics and space, transport, machinery and electrical, steel, construction, information technology , telecommunications, services.


Public concerned : Students

Degree Level (EU) : 7 - (EQC level or equivalent)

Admission requirements : We distinguish three ways of recruitment:
· Preparatory classes to Grande écoles ( CPGE), sectors PT (Physical Technology), PSI (Physical Engineering Sciences), TSI (Technology Industrial Sciences), MP (Mathematics Physics), PC (Physics Chemistry), ATS (DUT / BTS)
· The graduates of short and technological sectors (DUT / BTS)
· The university sectors, level Master 1 or L3

The foreign students having equivalent level can access through an specific competitive examination

Duration and terms : 3 years

Notes : Training places:

Dedicated web site :