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Actions de Formation au sein des Centres Spatiaux Universitaires

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Objectives : The University Space Centers train for space through an original pedagogy by projects, multidisciplinary, with 'real' space achievements (nanosats and micro launchers) > very 'NewSpace'.

The University Space Centers (CSU) are developing nanosatellite projects in interface with CNES. They come from the Janus project (Young people in learning for the production of nanosatellites in universities and higher education schools) which aims to promote space to students in French schools and universities. It is for the students to manufacture nanosatellites in the "Cubesat" format (cubic shape, 10 cm side, mass between 1 and 20 kg).
Nanosatellites make it possible to carry out innovative projects ranging from university training (Eyesat) to the development of new industrial sectors (ANGELS).

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