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Ingénieur diplômé de l'Institut Polytechnique des Sciences Avancées (Cursus en français)

Course Details

Objectives : The Engineering course begins with the first two years of an integrated preparatory cycle specializing in aeronautics and space. The last three years of the course (the Engineering cycle) give concrete expression to the training of a specialized aeronautical and space engineer, through Majors, Cross-Cutting Courses and Expertise Pathways in the final year. The engineering course offers 7 specializations and 3 dual-skill production and business engineering courses, through 2 streams:
- Aerospace Systems sector
- Aerospace Vehicles sector

Public concerned : High School students.

Degree Level (EU) : 7 - (EQC level or equivalent)

Admission requirements : Advance Competition

Prerequisites : French Baccalauréat or équivalent degree

Acquired skills during the training : IPSA's integrated preparatory cycle offers a first experience of engineering and the aeronautical world. It allows students to acquire the scientific fundamentals of engineering by combining projects, practical work and traditional teaching. It also allows students to discover the corporate world through internships. The variety of student associations offers a very wide range of opportunities from the pre-preparatory school onwards to express one's passion in ambitious projects, in complete autonomy.

The last three years at IPSA give concrete expression to the training of an engineer specialising in aeronautical and space systems through majors, cross-disciplinary courses and expertise in the final year.

Targeted careers : At the end of their training as aeronautical and space engineers, IPSA students will have the possibility of joining an aerospace company and occupying specific positions (aeronautical maintenance engineer, space mechanics engineer, propulsion engineer, satellite integrator engineer) or embracing a career as an engineer in related sectors (automotive, rail, maritime, energy, etc.).
The majority of IPSA's young graduates join companies in the aerospace sector (68%): manufacturers, equipment suppliers, SMEs, etc. Their training in engineering sciences also leads them to work in the defence, automotive, energy and IT sectors. 11% of students continue their studies with a specialised master's degree and 11% of them start their career abroad.

Duration and terms : 5 years.

Partnerships with national organisations : ISG

International partnerships : Foreign universities

Dedicated web site :