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BUT Génie Electrique et Informatique Industrielle

Course Details

Objectives : The Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing (GEII) trains professionals who work in fields relating to electricity, electronics, industrial computing and their applications.

The GEII graduate works in the fields of applications such as automation, radiocommunications, networks, energy ...

In Electrical Engineering, Industrial Computing, students will study the following main subjects: automation, radiocommunications, energy, networks, on-board systems, analog and digital signal processing, automation, sensors, software tools, studies and construction of electronic systems ...
Other general subjects: English LV1, expression-communication, tutored project, Student's Personal and Professional Project ...

The GEII Bachelor offers an increased volume of practical work (TP) and tutorials (TD) compared to the DUT. In parallel with these courses, students will have the opportunity to carry out tutored projects that will allow them to face real professional situations (600 hours).

Public concerned : students

Degree Level (EU) : 6 - (EQC level or equivalent)

Admission requirements : Baccalauréat S, STI or other

Prerequisites : scientific Baccalauréat

Targeted careers : The professional integration of graduate students takes place in diverse sectors:
• aeronautics and space,
• energy,
• rail and automobile transport,
• environment
• health,
• agro-food and agro-industries.

Duration and terms : 6 semesters (1
80 ECTS)

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