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Magistère Mécatronique

Course Details

Objectives : The mechatronics magisterium is a 3-year training course, co-organized with the University of Rennes 1, which aims to develop your analysis and design skills based on the following disciplines:
mathematics / physics
electronics / electrical engineering
teaching and research training

In essence interdisciplinary, this objective requires a variety of teaching, covering:
mastery of physical sciences and associated scientific disciplines,
good knowledge of advanced technologies,
a real practice of integrated design approaches.

The training is based on general education (applied mathematics, physical sciences, languages, etc.).

The disciplinary courses are divided into 3 main areas:
automation and industrial computing,
mechanics and mechanical engineering,
electronics and electrical engineering,

Interdisciplinary teaching relates to sensors, materials, eco-design, the analysis of coupled phenomena and the use of digital design and validation tools. They are based on project-based teaching.

Degree Level (EU) : (niveau 7) - (EQC level or equivalent)

Admission requirements : concours PT, PSI, ATS, TSI, file

Targeted careers : The doctorate is a gateway to research professions in large organizations (CNRS, Inria, etc.), in higher education (Universities, Grandes Ecoles) and in industrial research and development centers.

In addition, the aggregation also allows you to teach in preparatory class for grandes écoles, in BTS, at the University and in engineering schools.

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