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Master 2 Mobile, Autonomous and Robotic Systems (MARS)

Course Details

Objectives : The Master degree in Robotics and Autonomous Systems aims at offering an international master program that allows a better understanding of technical and scientific aspects of connected and autonomous mobile robotic systems and to understand their interactions.

Degree Level (EU) : 7 - (EQC level or equivalent)

Admission requirements : Applicants must have previously completed their undergraduate studies and been awarded a Bachelor degree in either Science (BSc) or Engineering (BEng) in a field related to Robotics, such as:
• Mechatronics,
• Automatic control,
• Computer science,
• Electrical engineering,
• Mechanical engineering,
• Applied mathematics.

Applicants selection is done on the basis of prior academic and/or scientific achievement as documented by academic transcripts, a cover letter, references, and standardized test scores. Students from countries where English language is not the primary language are required to provide TOEFL test scores. To get master degree, admitted students must obtain the certified level B2.

Acquired skills during the training : At the end of the curriculum, students are able to:
• Design, model, simulate, and propose technical specifications
• Perform, analyze tests, and optimize the performance of robotic system
• Derive and apply global and local numerical models
• Conceive prototypes, new products or new processes. Implement hardware and software architectures
• Propose and conduct an applied research project for robotic, autonomous systems

Targeted careers : Control and Automation Specialist
• Robotic Navigation and Perception Specialist,
• AI and Machine Learning Specialist,
• Robotics Engineer, • Academic Career

Duration and terms : One Year

Partnerships with national organisations : Gipsa-lab, LIG

Dedicated web site :