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Master Energie, Option Energie, Fluide, Environnement, Métrologies, Optique - 2 parcours : DLMO et EFE

Course Details

Objectives : The Laser Diagnostics and Optical Metrology (DLMO) option of the Master Energy aims to train specialists in the fields of optics in order to:
• Rapid insertion into the industrial sector,
• Prepare a doctoral thesis in a research laboratory.
At the end of this training, you will be able to:
• Develop applications in optical metrology,
• Designing laboratory or industrial optical devices,
• Apply the theories of electromagnetism for the study of lasers,
• Mastering the computer language applied to image processing and digital simulation,
• Insert yourself into a team of engineers and/or researchers,
• Conduct a scientific project in English and French.
The option energy, fluids and environment (EFE) prepares for a professional course of scientific type in the field of energy, fluid flows and environment. The skills acquired are based on the CORIA Laboratory of the University of Rouen, the INSA of Rouen and the CNRS. CORIA is a major player at national and international level. The level of excellence of the courses taught is guaranteed by teachers with extensive experience in applied research and fundamentally in relation to the industry. The technologies of experimental, theoretical and numerical simulation points are taught by specialists guaranteeing the students a true know-how internationally recognized.
Students, from a scientific background, with or without professional experience, will be able at the end of the master's degree to integrate research and development teams into the industry or develop their skills until the last Advancement of scientific research by obtaining a doctorate in science.

Degree Level (EU) : 7 - (EQC level or equivalent)

Admission requirements : Licence diploma (mecanics or physics)

Duration and terms : 2 Years

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