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Ingénieur Génie Electrique par apprentissage

Course Details

Objectives : The Study: Electrical Engineering - Power Electronics, Networks and Motorization of EICnam, in partnership with Engineers 2000, trains engineers capable of dimensioning and controlling energy conversion systems with a view to energy efficiency, integrating multi-physical constraints linked to the different business sectors it will be confronted with.
The electrical engineer will have to design, dimension and put into service, at all power levels, electronic power converters able to control with maximum energy efficiency and minimal harmonic pollution all power flows from a conversion system (for example electromechanical). The course offers training in full adequacy with these new issues and real job opportunities in these emerging fields with high potential for recruiting engineers.

Degree Level (EU) : 7 - (EQC level or equivalent)

Admission requirements : The training is accessible to the holders of a BAC + 2 coherent with the training prepared: BTS Technical Assistant engineer, BTS design and realization in industrial boiler, BTS industrial control and automatic regulation, BTS Electrotechnical, BTS Digital Systems-EC, DUT electrical Engineering and industrial information, mechanical engineering and manufacturing, DUT physical measurements. Admission is final after signing a learning contract and the CFA Engineers 2000 helps you find a company among its 1000 partners by accompanying you in your search.

Two courses are possible: the course of Excellence: This course is specifically reserved for students with a good school record. It allows the best candidates to be exempted from the "written tests".
The classical Course: Written tests come to check the candidate's level in French, mathematics and English. To study at engineers 2000, it is also necessary to be motivated for learning (motivation evaluated through an interview and the notice of continuation of studies).
A jury establishes the list of eligible candidates from these elements.

Duration and terms : 3 years of gradual alternation

Notes : CTI qualified training

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