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Ingénieur Informatique - Electronique

Course Details

Objectives : This specialty trains and certifies general engineers in electronics, IT and information technologies capable of managing complex projects in signal processing, information transmission, telecommunications networks and software architecture for highly emerging professions in embedded systems, network security and knowledge software engineering.

Public concerned : High School Students, CPGE - DUT- BTS - Bachelor and Scientific Master

Degree Level (EU) : 7 - (EQC level or equivalent)

Admission requirements : • Terminal: Post Bac recruitment on Geipi Polytech competition
• Maths Spé (MP, PC, PSI): on C (MP, PC, PSI) Polytech or CCINP competition (TSI)
• Maths Spé PT: on file and interview
• DUT (Physical Measurements, Networks and Telecommunications, GEII, Computer Science) or BTS (Digital Systems): on file and interview or ENSEA competition (test banks)
• ATS: ENSEA competition (ATS)
• Adapted specialty scientific license: on file and interview

Prerequisites : - Scientific baccalaureate for integration into the preparatory cycle
- Preparatory classes, DUT or BTS for integration into the engineering cycle

Duration and terms : 5 years

Dedicated web site :