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Space Education Catalogue


Licence Professionnelle Maintenance et Technologie : Electronique, Instrumentation, Aéronautique, Spatial et Transports

Course Details

Objectives : Provide advanced technicians with complementary and specialized skills in the fields of electronics and instrumentation.
To enable them to occupy in the companies a position of technician of study and development whose sectors of activity concern the electronics, the instrumentation for the aeronautics and the space, but also for any other sector of activity concerned .
Understand the definition and implementation of automated measurement benches.
The graduate has the possibility if he has the means and the capacities to continue in Master or School of engineers.

Public concerned : Students / Employees / Jobseekers

Degree Level (EU) : 6 - (EQC level or equivalent)

Admission requirements : - DUT, BTS, L2 or equivalent, employees, job seekers (enrolled in ANPE) with a BAC + 2 level in the fields of electrical engineering, physics, electronics or industrial computing.
- Recruitment on file and individual interview.

Duration and terms : 2 semesters

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