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MOOC Au-delà des frontières, diagnostiquer les territoires (non actif en 2022)

Course Details

Objectives : This online course offers an introduction to territory diagnosis. Territorial diagnoses are required upstream of most development operations, as well as in the process of drawing up territorial development strategies. They are part of a process of reflection on the potential and challenges of the territory, which is both prior to and integrated into the action. Diagnosing territories therefore leads to crossing different borders, for example the borders between scientific disciplines, or even the border between data analysis and participatory approaches. One originality of this MOOC will also be to address the case of national borders, insofar as several examples will concern cross-border areas - which allows us to take a fresh look at diagnostic practices.

The MOOC is played in 5 weeks, during which elements of definition, presentation of methods and good practices in data analysis and cartographic representation will be successively addressed, while remaining with a view to participation and consultation. The pedagogical methods are developed in such a way as to encourage exchanges between the learners and the course leaders, in particular through the intermediary of a forum.

Prerequisites : This MOOC requires knowledge of the basics for using a spreadsheet, such as Excel or Open Office Calc

Duration and terms : Duration 5 weeks - effort 8 h - 1h30 per week
archived sessions
From February 3, 2020 to April 19, 2020
From February 25, 2019 to April 15, 2019
no open session

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