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Space Education Catalogue


Les entretiens de Toulouse

Course Details

Objectives : This high-level scientific and technical training is:

Intended for engineers, project managers, program managers, technical directors, R&D directors, experts, etc. in the aeronautics and space sector on subjects with high industrial stakes.
Rich in exceptional moments of sharing between SMEs, large companies, contractors and research centers
focused on the concerns of companies: the subjects treated are chosen by the industrialists who are very widely represented in the program committee.

52 interviews in 13 training areas:

Design of structures
System modeling and engineering
New engines and propulsion
Energy on board
Aviation maintenance
Military domain
Civil aviation issues
Innovation & Competitiveness
Factory of the Future
Space & Aeronautics

Duration and terms : 2 days, yearly, in autumn

Partnerships with national organisations : Under the auspices of Académie de l’Air et de l’Espace

Dedicated web site :

Space or Aerospace Domains

Space related thematics