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Ingénieur INSA

Course Details

Objectives : The course 1 + 2 + 2 is adapted to the European System of Higher Education (LMD) (3/5/8). It aims to respond to the rapid evolution of trades and to enable to cope with the growing complexity, especially in the socio-economic field.
The curriculum begins with a first year post-BAC common to all students. It is followed by two years of pre-orientation after the students have chosen between four main fields. The last 2 years are two years of specialization.
8 specialties are offered at INSA Toulouse, starting in the 4th year:
Automatic, Electronic
Biological engineering
Civil Engineering
Process Engineering and environment
Mechanical Engineering
Physical Engineering
Computers and Networks
Applied Mathematics

Duration and terms : 5 or 3 years

Dedicated web site :

Space or Aerospace Domains

Space related thematics