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Space Education Catalogue


Space-Related Education
Ed. 2024

How to acquire knowledge and skills
to work and perform in a always evolving sector

Conquering space has been a goal of mankind for a long time. Number of challenges had (and still have) to be resolved, leading to significant technological developments. Space is one of the high-tech sectors that contributes to the building of Europe and to the improvement of the well-being of people through its many spinoffs or applications in our daily lives.

The acquisition of knowledge is key to the development and success of a business sector. Then, convinced this field was and remains a bearer of professional growth, the non-profit organisation ISSAT (Institute for the Service of Space, its Applications and Technologies), has set up in 2005 with the support of the French Space Agency a catalogue of space-related training courses.

Designed as a search tool, this site is primarily intended for students to help them to guide their studies, and for professionals to help them to deepen their knowledge, to influence their career or to target new competencies. This website is updated on an annual basis, but depending on the information provided by the establishments, corrections or updates may still be made.

Several search keys to reach and know about the space training courses are proposed under the « Training Courses » heading, where appears the renewed list of Topics which are used as reference to our catalogue.

In addition to information on the delivered degrees, the admission requirements and the topics covered, the ID course sheet identifies the different course features: types of training (distance, short courses), certification properties, skills obtained, and targeted jobs, etc,

The heading « Organisations » provides some information on the academic institutes and links to their dedicated websites.