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Space Education Catalogue


Graduate School of Research InTREE
Interfaces for aeronautics energy and environment


InTREE (interfaces for aeronautics energy and environment) is a Graduate School (GS) dedicated to teaching, via research, in the field of interface phenomena between media of different physico-chemical properties.

This Graduate School is supported by the existing Masters programs, will allow students to be immersed in both research and industry environments. InTREE constitutes a profound transformation in comparison to what is offered by the present educational system. These high-level courses (Master and Ph.D.), limited to twenty or so students per year, will favor learning-by-research, placing students at the heart of the laboratories.They are organized around four main axes in order to prepare students for the professions of tomorrow:

Progressive immersion in the laboratories,
International mobility
Connections with the socio-economic world,
Disciplinary openness toward the multidisciplinarity
The Pprime and IC2MP institutes are at the heart of the IntREE-GS.

Training course(s) proposed