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Polytech Paris-Saclay


Polytech Paris Saclay is a school in the Polytech network, located in the heart of Paris Saclay University. With its renowned laboratories, its Nobel prizes and its Fields medals, with a unique research center in France.
The Paris-Saclay cluster offers good prospects. We have been training engineers for over 30 years (diploma accredited by the Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur).
After the first two years (integrated preparation) taking place within the Parcours des Écoles of the Polytech network (PeiP), future engineers enter the "engineering cycle" for 3 years.
Students benefit from at least 12 weeks abroad with our partners (internship or mobility).
Engineers are able to understand all the stages of the development process of systems and services, in their specialties.
We adapt a pedagogy adapted to each student profile (student, apprentices or continuing education auditors).

Training course(s) proposed